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« Somfy Foundation has been tackling poor housing for several years now and thanks to Les Petites Pierres initiative we have managed to achieve far more than we originally set out to do. We believe in generosity. We believe in Confucius’s quote when he says: "The man who moves a mountain always begins by carrying small stones. » Vincent Defrasne, Head of the Somfy Foundation.

Les Petites Pierres endowment fund  is a solidarity crowdfunding platform dedicated to the poor housing cause in France. The platform is aimed at non-profit organisations and associations involved in the fight for decent housing. It enables concrete projects that bring local solutions to poor housing stakes to benefit from a crowdfunding impact.
The platform’s ambition  is to reinforce the bounds created between the foundation and the non-profit associations by allowing other stakeholders, like citizens and companies, to contribute to the dynamic.
To gather all the stakeholders on the platform enable non-profit associations to raise the power of their aid appeal and to speed up the implementation of their projects.

Please feel free to get in touch should you want to submit a project to Les Petites Pierres, to learn more about how the platform works or just to get a better inside view of the various projects we support !
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your donations are doubled

by Les Petites Pierres and partners

5 € given = 10 € convert

A simple principle

convincing results

Most organisations are struggling to find the budget they need especially when it comes to local projects. was created to support these very down-to-earth initiatives.

This collaborative and solidarity platform combines crowdfunding and funding from Somfy Foundation and its partners: each donation is actually doubled by Somfy Foundation or one of its partners.
Inspired by collaborative  approaches, which have burgeoned alongside the development of internet, Somfy Foundation has decided to harness the power of online fundraising to create the first ever crowdfunding platform to facilitate access to decent housing

For instance :
A non-profit association has set up a funding campaign on Les Petites Pierres for an emergency shelter renovation project that needs 10 000€. Thanks to the platform the non-profit association only needs to collect 5 000€ since every donation would be doubled by Somfy Foundation. Typically for a 5€ donation the foundation would match it by a 5€ donation as well so the non-profit association would actually benefit of  10€.

Les Petites Pierres thanks to the gathering of all the stakeholders around the same project enables non-profit associations to upgrade the donation impact they receive in order to speed up the project financing.

7738 donations
149 projects
1723558 brought to associations



As a crowfunding collaborative platform Les Petites Pierres ‘s vocation is to create a community of assistance to fight bad living conditions and strive for decent housing. The platform matches public generosity by companies’social involvement to enable them to support a common project handled by a local non-profit association.

By doubling each donation, Les Petites Pierres embodies a unique and powerful funding model for projects.

There is no bank fees nor commision in order to ensure that the whole donation goes to the project. Thanks to our team’s rigorous and personalised support Les Petites Pierres is not only a forefront tool for the digital transition of the non-profit sector, but also a forum where different stakeholders like citizens, companies and local authorities meet up to act together.

All these aspects made the platform a strong action lever for non-profit associations that fight for decent housing.

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Les Petites Pierres

Les Petites Pierres

The crowdfunding platform for non-profit organizations in France.