Living TOGETHER Better

The mission of Somfy Foundation

Improving housing for the most deprived persons and creating social ties between these persons and society through accommodations
A Somfy Foundation’s citizenship initiative, which aims to give everyone the dignity they deserve

Living TOGETHER Better


A word from the President

Jean Guillaume Despature

Jean Guillaume Despature
President of the SOMFY Foundation & Chairman and Chief Executive officer Somfy Group

«One of the company's vocations is to become more and more a responsible local  actor in the social field to demonstrate its overall performance and not just its economic’s.Thus Somfy has made the clear choice of being a responsible company committed to civic actions, which are close to its own core business.  That’s the reason why Somfy Group has set up its own foundation.  The foundation aims day after day at improving living conditions for everyone. Somfy Foundation has two objectives: create social ties between persons in poor conditions and society through housing, and improve housing for the most deprived persons. And the foundation favours practical projects close to people to fulfill its mission. This engagement value is the profound purpose of Somfy Foundation.»

A word from the Director

Vincent Defrasne
Head of the Somfy Foundation

« Although considered as a privileged country France has 3.8 million people living in inadequate housing and around 12 million living in highly precarious circumstances. To face this issue Somfy Foundation works closely with non-profit associations and local stakeholders, which are helping people suffering from a bad housing situation. As a foundation our effort is to bring a practical answer to the needs of these associations. We provide both a financial support and a human help, in France but also in some countries where Somfy operates, in order to give everyone the dignity they deserve.»

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Two coordinated levers

for an effective action

To face bad housing stakes Somfy Foundation is daily commited to help non-profit associations thanks to 2 identified action levers :

- A financial contribution to support housing projects
- A human help thanks to Somfy’s employees volunteering in housing projects to share their skills

The coordination of these two levers is crucial to bring an appropriate assistance well-matched with the non-profit associations’ needs.The synergy between the financial and human help is at the bottom of the two programs of the foundation : 

- Les Petites Pierres: a collaborative crowdfunding platform, which doubles donations for better accommodations
- A House is A Home: an international mutual assistance program implemented with the group’s subsidiaries

Somfy Foundation initiates or supports local actions. These actions are coherent to Somfy’s core business and they all need also the commitment of Somfy’s employees.

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Les Petites Pierres

A collaborative crowdfunding platform which doubles the donation for better accommodations

To cope with the vast needs of inadequate accommodations and the high costs of implementation of various non-profit initiatives, Somfy Foundation has adapted its patronage policy in order to achieve more effectiveness.

Inspired by collaborative approaches in the digital world, Somfy Foundation has wanted to gather every stakeholders such as citizens, companies and non-profit associations on a collaborative crowdfunding platform. It enables them to all act together to strive for decent housing .

For the first time in France a corporate foundation, is harnessing the power of crowdfunding to trigger a surge of generosity that anyone can be part of, and thus revolutionising the concept of calls for projects.

“The man who moves a mountain always begins by carrying small stones.” Confucius


8271 donations

160 funded projects

1818891 brought to associations

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A House is a Home

An international mutual assistance program implemented with Somfy’s subsidiaries

In a spirit of openness and respect of the territories where Somfy group is operating, and because the inadequate housing is a worldwide issue Somfy Foundation is commited to  support non-profit projects within 10 countries. Somfy Foundation cooperates within these countries with the group’s subsidiaries to get involved in practical ways with local NGOs.

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